Peter Ferbrache

Consultant & Notary Public

Peter Ferbrache is a Consultant & Notary Public to Ferbrache & Farrell LLP. He practised in England from 1972 before returning to Guernsey, his Channel Island home, in 1980. He has been recognised as Guernsey’s most experienced and hardened litigator, found on one side or the other of the majority of leading Guernsey cases in the last 20 years.

Peter qualified as a barrister (England) in 1972 (currently non practising) and as an advocate (Guernsey) in 1981. Peter was the senior partner of Mourant Ozannes for many years and also served for a time as the head of Mourant Ozannes’ property department in Guernsey.

Notwithstanding his election as Chief Minister of Guernsey, Peter has agreed to remain as a consultant and trusted adviser to the firm in order to assist the Partners with the business and affairs of the practice.