Back in June 2022, the Government issued a white paper with proposals to protect tenants in England & Wales in various different ways (  This followed many years of campaigning by private renters and the Renters Reform Coalition.

The white paper proposals included an intention to ban ‘no fault’ evictions, the suggested creation of a Private Renter’s Ombudsman (to settle disputes quickly), the right for a tenant to request to have a pet, and also the requirement that properties are not unsafe or harmful to health (the so called ‘Decent Homes Standard’).  Other measures were also set out to improve standards for tenants generally, and for landlords to be able to evict anti-social tenants more easily.

Today sees the introduction to Parliament of the Renters’ (Reform) Bill 2023, following much fanfare from the Housing Secretary, Michael Gove.

The Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has indicated that eleven million tenants will be affected, with around two million landlords also falling within the remit of the legislation.  Reactions so far have been generally supportive, being described by some as a ‘once in a generation’ announcement, and by others as a Bill lacking detail.

Time will tell the success of the drafting, but in the meantime, any removal of uncertainty for either landlord or tenant cannot be a bad thing.

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Author Alastair Hargreaves Advocate, Solicitor & Managing Partner
Author Anna Douglass Solicitor & Counsel