On 27 April 2022 the States approved a proposal submitted by The Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure with amendments to The Public Highway (Temporary Closure) Ordinance, 1999 (the Ordinance). 

This amendment will allow the creation of designated “Al Fresco” zones in Guernsey (currently focused on the St Peter Port town centre and the Bridge in St Sampson) and simplification of the current process of applying for Al Fresco Licences within the designated zones. This simplified process would see introduction of “Al Fresco” Permits in addition to the current “Al Fresco” Licences.

The current process for an “Al Fresco” Licence requires an application to the Royal Court and submitting supporting reports from the relevant departments in line with the Ordinance. The simplified process intends to reduce the time and cost involved for businesses wishing to operate Al Fresco in a designated zone by applying for an “Al Fresco” Permit to the Traffic & Highway Services.

Following a public consultation, the “Al Fresco” zones will be approved and periodically reviewed.   

A further change introduced by this amendment will be a change of the current renewal deadline for the Licences/Permits from 31 December to the end of September.

For any premises falling outside the approved designated zones, the existing application process for an “Al Fresco” Licence will be still necessary.

It is important to mention that the approved amendments will not have any effect on the Liquor Licence application process which remains unchanged.

The approved amendments are not yet in force, and therefore at present any premises currently wishing to operate Al Fresco must apply for an “Al Fresco” Licence to the Royal Court. However, we anticipate that the proposed changes will be welcomed when they are formally introduced.

Should you wish to discuss an Al Fresco or Liquor Licence application for your business, please do not hesitate to contact Jana Valkovska (Jana.Valkovska@ferbrachefarrell.com), Samantha Harris (Samantha.Harris@ferbrachefarrell.com) or Martin Jones (Martin.Jones@ferbrachefarrell.com).

Author Jana Valkovska Senior Court Officer & Paralegal
Author Samantha Harris Paralegal